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Welcome to the website of the Sudanese Gospel Mission (SGM).

Sudan is the largest country in Africa. For the last 20 years the country has been suffering due to the civil war between the (mainly) Arabic north and the predominantly African south. The numbers who have died or been forced to flee because of the war run into the millions. There are refugees in many of the countries which border Sudan and an estimated 3,000,000 children have been orphaned. At the beginning of 2005 a Peace Agreement was signed and now the refugees are beginning to return home. There is a renewed hope that peace and stability will finally come to this war-torn land.

The SGM church in the refugee camp in Adjumani, North Uganda.

The SGM church in the refugee camp in Adjumani, North Uganda.

Update Church Construction

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The Sudanese gospel mission church headquarter in Loa magwi county eastern Equatoria state the Republic of south Sudan. The Sudanese gospel mission church thanks all of you who prayer for this ministry, has now in this stage, Sudanese gospel mission need your prayer and support to finessing the building,you can give what you can, the best thing to see the book of Haggai 1:2-11, ones again we thanks you special those who prayer of this ministry, the republic of South Sudan is a new country in Africa, we thanks God for that, God need your help.

HAGGAI: 1-2-11

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How Alpha Began

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The Alpha Course has been running for over 26 years. It began at Holy Trinity Brompton in central London, in the late 1970s, initially as a means of presenting the basic principles of the Christian faith to new Christians in a relaxed and informal setting.

By 1990, when former barrister Nicky Gumbel took over the course, Alpha was a central feature of the church's life. It was while leading his second Alpha course that Nicky realised how this simple course could also appeal to non-churchgoers and he adapted the course to give it the kind of feel that would suit this group.

The Alpha course spread during the 1990s, initially in the UK and then internationally, as more churches and groups found it a helpful way to answer questions about the Christian faith in an informal setting. There are now over 41.000 courses worldwide in 163 countries and it is supported by all the major denominations.

Loa Headquarter church building

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Through your support and prayers we are able to continue with the work of God in southern Sudan, and the work of building the church in Loa Magwi county southern Sudan has been the most challenging one, but through your efforts we were able to raised the wall up to three meter high and hope by the midst 2011 we will be able to finish the work of the building.

The Sudanese gospel mission church in Loa south-Sudan is the biggest church building we have ever undertaken, and Loa is our mission headquarter for Sudan, all our activities in southern Sudan will be coordinated from Loa, Pray with us that we are able to continue with the work of building this church in Loa. As you can see in the photo the building has reach 3meter high, by the grace of God we would be able to celebrate the referendum and independent of southern Sudan in the new building i.e. 11th November 2010. Your prayers and support for the people pf southern Sudan will be of great use, please join hands with us in rebuilding the lives of people of southern Sudan for God’s Kingdom, the Church in Loa will be open official on 11 November 2011. Pray that the referendum will be held in a conducive atmosphere, pray that Sudanese Gospel.

Testimony of Baluka Agnes Masnjja

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Mij name is Baluka Agnes Masnjja. I was born 25/8/1985 Pallisa District Uganda I went to St Clare girls Primary School, then Tororo Girls School for O level and A level, finally Makerere University is working with Ndejje University as a lecturer.

I thank God who has made me what I am today, a powerful woman as others call me.

3 years back I was selling clothes and music to earn a living and raise my tuition fees at the same time. In 2007, I failed to raise the money and decided to get a dead year. God was on my side, that very year, I met a man of God; Rev. C.D.Drale who had come to buy gospel music which I was burning from computer along Kampala road plot 51B. He asked me to tell him about myself? I told him everything about me. He asked me whether I was born again. I said yes. He told me about SGM and gave me a chance to work with Sudanese Gospel Mission (SGM).

Building a church

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in christ, Sudanese gospel mission need your prayer and support, for finishing the church in Loa South-Sudan. The money we need to finish the church is 35,000 Euros. Join hand with as in prayer, let God open the door for the blessing. For now Sudan need building, for 22 years we have being prayer under the tree: time has come for as to rebuilding the life of sudanese at home!

Inter church youth

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Inter church youth in Nimule south sudan group photos including Bishop CD Drale.


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Enjoy the devastic agricultural in South-sudan,come and see for yourself,Loa is a good place for agricultural and to live.

Open air evangelism

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Open air evangelism at the centre of Nimule South Sudan led by Bishop Christopher Dranile Drale, the founder of the Sudanese Gospel Mission, the Netherlands and South-Sudan/Uganda.

In my leadership I strongly believe that leaders are made and not born,that is I love to serve. And I love self development skills, character development, time management.

My prayers to Sudanese to understood what it means to be a servant or a leader in the ministry of God.


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On the 27/2/2009 pastor Stephen Gira giving a bicycle to Dr Dan for the work of SGM health center in Loa magwi county South-Sudan.